Marcellus Killdraz

A dark elf who has come from the halls of far away X-Drin. He prowls the caverns of the under-dark, organizing the kobolds, the goblins, the orcs and all manner of unclean evil. He seeks nothing less than a new age of monsters.



Drow Fighter         Weapon: Sword     Level: 5 Str: 15     Con: 12     Dex: 17     Int: 12     Wis: 14     Cha: 13 Fort: 16   Ref: 15     Will: 14     AC: 21     Armor: chainmail Hit Points: 51       Surge Value: 12       Surges: 10 At-will exploits:     Tide of Iron     Reaping Strike Level 1 Daily: Brute Strike Level 1 Encounter: Passing Attack Level 2 Utility: Get Over Here Level 3 Encounter: Rain of Blows Level 5 Daily: Rain of Steel Skills: Athletics 9, Heal 9, Streetwise 8 Feats: 3 heroic feats Annoyed by: members of the same sex


Marcellus Killdraz

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