The Young Rogues Revenge

The Young Dude's Recap
How Dude lost his family and began his quest.

The adventures of Dude Buttkick began late one eve in the world of Eberron on the great continent of Khrovaire. Dude and his adopted older sister Tassian were riding atop a freight carriage with their father Valen, as he served in duty as a protector of caravan cargo. The group had been traveling from their hometown of Aruldusk via the network of roads to Cragwar. After delivering their cargo, the Buttkicks would continue on to Fairhaven where Tassian would resume her library science studies at The University of Wynarn. This semester, Dude is to join his sister at school. But Dude has no interest in library science. What he really wants is a life of adventure. His family has connections to the dragon-marked of House Lyandar. Though battered and worn, the blue and silver dragon crest is still visible on Valen’s armor and that of his Men. Dude plans to ditch school and venture to Stormholme, the rugged island off the north coast of Audair where he will train as a warrior and reclaim the family’s legacy with House Lynadar.

But Dude learns that making plans is the surest way to make the Goddess Avandra laugh and cry.

In the after hours of night, Dude and his family were attacked by a merciless Drow Elf, his ferocious War Troll, and a gaggle of goblin raiders. As flaming arrows rained through the night, Dude’s advanced perception warned the others moments before a cask of Eladrin Liquor was struck and its contents exploded. His warning saved lives. But only slowed the inevitable. Dude watched as his father was slain by the twin blades of the Drow and Tassian was thrown over the shoulder of the War Troll. Dude reached his father’s side to be receive the man’s final command: “Reach Cragwar, find the Captain, rescue Tassian.” Though wracked with grief, Dude found the courage to flee. He barely escaped with his own life, using his acrobatic skills to leap through the burning caravan, mount a horse, un-tether it from the carriage, and ride away into the night. deaddad

The next morning, Dude awoke to find himself lying flat on his back. His horse nowhere in sight. His hands were bound behind his back and a small face was looming over him. He was being robbed by Findo Frootan, a Gnome Artificer. Findo was chased away by the fluttering swoops of a White Dragon Wyrmling: Smaug. The loyal beast had been Tassian’s constant companion.

Findo fled into the nearby woods with Dude’s short sword. With Smog’s help, Dude managed to escape his bonds and chase the Gnome through the forest. After navigating the wilds for a short time, Dude entered a clearing where he found the Gnome fighting two goblins from the past evening’s attack. The Gnome having stumbled upon them as they quarreled over a chest purloined from the caravan.

Using his rogue’s stealth and executing a swift backstab with his trusty dagger, Dude managed to kill the goblins. Findo had been wounded in the fight and begged Dude for a healing potion from the chest. Being a good soul, Dude healed the Gnome only to have the duplicitous creature kick him in the sweets and flee for the treeline. Dude used his sling to bring down the Gnome at range.

Dude found a poster on the Gnome’s person. Findo was wanted by the local authorities for crimes both felonious and mischievous. wanted findo Dude bound Findo and escorted him to Cragwar where he handed him over to the local Knight’s Shield representative and collected a cash reward. Dude explained to the Knights what happened to his family and asked the whereabouts of the mysterious Captain.

Dude was presented with a great sword and is shocked when it speaks aloud: “Good to see you again, Dude.” The Captain is in fact an enchanted blade that had once been Valen’s best friend. A Paladin of epic experience. After being tricked by a duplicitous Gnome, the Captain found himself transformed.

Having heard the news of the caravan attack and Tassian kidnapping, the Mayor of Cragwar found Dude outfitting in Begnar’s, a local mercantile. The Mayor told Dude that a Drow Elf named Marcellus Killdrazand his War Troll Zuck The Unclean have been raiding the nearby countryside and retreating into the Underdark with their spoils. The local Guards have found the Drow’s point of access is an abandoned mine, but all attempts to venture within have met with death.

Dude vowed to brave the risk and enter the dark unknown in search of Tassian. The Captain suggested they take a guide, and mentions one Findo Frootan knows the caverns well.

At first the Gnome refuses to accompany them on their suicide mission, even if it would mean his freedom. And then the Captain suggested the Gnome’s family and Bugbear betrothed should be informed of his current location. Turns out Findo is in-fact Gnome nobility and had fled aristocratic responsibility and an arranged marriage. Findo agrees to join Dude’s party.

With the Captain in hand, and Smog on his shoulder, Dude led Findo into the abandoned mines. They found their way blocked by a Mountain Orc and a trio of Kobolds. After defeating them, Dude and his team proceeded into an adjacent chamber where they hoped to use the mine car system to enter the Underdark. They found their path blocked by the War Troll Zuck and his sister Yuck as they tormented a captive in a glass chamber. A Drow Elf Ranger named Rocker the Cool. Though he could’ve reached the mine car without garnering attention, the good Dude heroically ordered his team to the rescue.

While Smog and Findo distracted the trolls, Dude whipped his dagger through the air at the glass chamber. The cage shattered and Rocker was free. Rocker and Dude ran to join the others inside a mine car and barely managed to hop aboard as it began to roll down the rails into darkness. glasschamber

The mine car ride was a hazardous roller coaster event filled with multiples traps and possible routes. Dude’s companions suggested which tunnel to choose, and he chose whether to follow their suggestions or trust his own gut. Eventually they entered a chamber where the track had been ruptured and the mine car left the tracks.

They crashed in a gloomy cavern coated with the spit of giant millipedes. The beastly minions attacked and were slain by Dude and his crew. Their queen proved a hard foe but soon she too was ended.

As Dude regarded several tunnels to choose as his next path, he found Tassian’s golden emblem on the ground. His sister had most definitely been taken this way! Before Dude and his friends could proceed into the darkness before them, they would need some light. Dude held forth his sword and instructed Smog to excrete upon the blade. The wrymling’s guano was then ignited and the flaming Captain burned away the darkness. Much to the Paladin’s chagrin. underdark


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